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I.I.H.E.M Study Abroad Program

Solbridge International School of Business,
Daejeon, South Korea

Application Deadlines

Semester Abroad and Degree Programs 2019:

Solbridge Business School: Procedures

  • I am interested! How should I start the process?

    • submits an application to the IIHEM Director of International Programs (DoIP),
    • Meet with the DoIP to discuss and receive approval of your program of study at Solbridge,
    • The candidates will submit application documents to Iskandar Yuldashev at "iskandar (at)",
    • Verification of documents by Solbridge Admissions Department,
    • Scheduling of a Skype admission interview with Solbridge Admissions Manager,
    • Issuance of an acceptance letter and payment invoice from Solbridge with a deadline upon admission,
    • Sending of invitation and guarantee letters for the visa application after fee payment is made to Solbridge through wire transfer,
    • The D2 visa is the only eligible visa for international students in Korea,
    • Upon arrival to South Korea, students are kindly asked to show in all original documets and certificates that were furnished for the admissions process,
    • The candidates should reach South Korea before the semester starts.