Saturday, July 13, 2024
Welcome to IIHEM

Le systme de formation nord-amricain adopt par lIIHEM se distingue des autres coles et offre aux tudiants une grande flexibilit. Amina & Radia Saadaoui, IIHEM Laureates - 2010

IIHEM Alumni

IIHEM first graduation class received their diplomas in 1992. This heralded the beginning of the IIHEM Alumni association which now includes all graduates from that year until today.

IIHEM graduates have followed different routes upon graduation. Some have continued their studies to earn Master's and Doctoral degrees at prestigious north American universities. Others have been employed in executive positions in national and multinational firms. Yet others have chosen to start their own businesses using the skills that they have acquired at the Institute.

IIHEM graduates are active mostly in the following areas : commerce management, marketing research, advertising and mass media planning, counseling and market strategies, human resources management, project management, production management, information systems analysis, data base management, investment selection, software engineering and computer science management.