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Associations & Centers

La vie associative est largement dveloppe au sein de lIIHEM. Elle ma permis de forger ma personnalit, de mpanouir, et de dvelopper une grande autonomie ncessaire pour mon avenir professionnel. Ali El Harchi, IIHEM Laureates - 2010

Tutoring Center

The Center arranges tutoring services for those students who are having academic difficulties in certain courses. Tutoring allows these students to receive individual attention so as to better prepare and execute their work and to give them the confidence and motivation necessary for their success. Tutoring will involve:

  • clarifying course contents,
  • developing the understanding of concepts, principles and basic techniques of the subject matter at hand
  • going through practical exercises,
  • encouraging autonomy and initiative.

At the beginning of each semester, the Institute lists the courses in which tutoring will be available, the names of the tutors and the schedule for the tutoring hours. Tutoring always takes place in small groups so that the individual needs of each student are addressed.

Students may request, from the beginning of each semester, tutoring assistance in one or more courses. Students whose performance in previous semesters indicates that they will need tutoring assistance for certain courses are systematically requested to sign up for tutoring for those courses.