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Associations & Centers

The very friendly Institute staff have a very positive impact on students, helping them advance their work and overcome any issues that they may confront. The Institutes Business Center helped students stay in constant touch with the professional world through hosting guest speakers, facilitating internships, and providing assistance in employment search and preparation. In sum, IIHEM is a true launching point for a successful career. El Ghali Yakoubi Soussane, Engineering IIHEM Laureate 2009

Enterprise Center

The mission of the IIHEM Enterprise Center is to complete the education of students by giving them a maximum of information and experience with regard to professional practices in their field. The Center assists students in determining their career objectives and provides them with a better understanding of real-world professional practice through the organization of conferences and student internship programs.


The Enterprise Center organizes each year a series of conferences and debates in which outside professors, professionals and experts are invited to share with students their experiences and the latest best practices of their field.

These activities are carefully planned with respect to the academic curriculum, so that students can best benefit by completing and comparing knowledge acquired in class with best practices in the field.

Career Services Center

Students at the International Institute for Higher Education in Morocco are encouraged to view their education within overall long-term career objectives. The Career Services Center of the Institute maintains a professional staff to assist students in developing their career objectives, in evaluating these objectives and in studying ways to achieve them.

The Career Services Center maintains contacts with professional employers, provides graduating students with employment information, and informs them about available employment opportunities. For those students seeking to continue their studies in graduate school, the Career Services Center provides information on TIEC and other universities, and advises them on which universities they should apply to.

Student Internships

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