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IIHEM Programs

Le systme de formation nord-amricain adopt par lIIHEM se distingue des autres coles et offre aux tudiants une grande flexibilit. Amina & Radia Saadaoui, IIHEM Laureates - 2010

English Language Center


The IIHEM English Language Center provides a set of programs to IIHEM students in order to improve their English language skills to the level required by practicing professionals. English skills of all entering students are evaluated to determine their needs. Based on this evaluation, students whose level of English needs improvement will enter a remedial English program, an intermediate intensive program or an advanced intensive program.

The Center also offers specialized training courses in preparation for the TOEFL and the GMAT examinations. Courses in English for Specific Purposes and preparation courses for TOEIC are also available on demand.

Language Programs

Remedial English Program
The Remedial English Program is intended for the registered students who have a pre-intermediate level in English.

The main purpose of the program is to help students acquire basic reading, writing and oral communication skills. Upon successful completion of the program, students are expected to reach an intermediate level in English that will allow them to take the upper level intensive English program.

Intensive English Program
The Intensive English Program is intended for students who have successfully completed the Remedial English Program or who have an intermediate level in English.

The purpose of this one semester program is to give students a solid foundation in English and help them attain a mastery of English and develop the skills and strategies necessary for the use of English for academic purposes. The components of the program give students the opportunity to improve their reading, writing, speaking and study skills so that they become able to confidently pursue their academic studies in English.

English for Specific Purposes
This course is designed for professionals who need to develop their language capacities so as to be fully functional in English in their professional environment. ESP courses are offered on demand and in response to the particular needs of the participants.

Preparation for Tests

Preparation for TOEFL
This course is designed to help students develop the skills tested in the different sections of the TOEFL examination. Through practice, students learn how to do well on the TOEFL by using appropriate test-taking strategies and by building their general English proficiency and increasing their confidence in their test-taking abilities and overall language skills.

Preparation for GMAT
In this course the students are introduced to all the sections of the GMAT test and are guided in developing the skills tested in each of them. The verbal analysis part of the course introduces students to the format of the verbal section of the test and trains them in the strategies appropriate for the sections of reading, sentence correction, critical reasoning and composition.

The quantitative part provides introduction and training in the problem solving and data sufficiency sections of the test.

Preparation for TOEIC
This course prepares the participants to successfully take the TOEIC examination. The importance of this test lies in the fact that the TOEIC is increasingly used by institutions for recruiting, promoting and deploying employees. It is also used to determine whether an individual has sufficient English proficiency to participate in training that will be conducted in English and to monitor progress in English language training programs.