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I.I.H.E.M International Incoming Programs

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Director of International Program

Mrs. Kalra Anubha

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About IIHEM, 1st Anglosaxon Business School in Morocco

IIHEM is a leading institution of Higher Education in Morocco that delivers management sciences academic programs. Founded over 30 years ago by a group of US and UK-educated professors as the first such institution to deliver its programs entirely in English, the mission of IIHEM is to provide university education that prepares students to meet the challenges of a global world with curricula and teaching methodologies that follow the best practices of leading American universities, intensely mixing theory and practice to give students operational level knowledge about the subjects they study.

With over 2500 graduates working or studying all over the world, IIHEM has opened opportunities for a new generation of Moroccan managers fully capable of meeting the challenges of doing business beyond national borders.

The quality of IIHEM's education is reflected not only in the employment demand of its graduates by businesses and the acceptance rate to international graduate programs, it is also officially recognized by the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education. IIHEM's degrees are recognized as being exactly equivalent to those of the thirteen Moroccan public universities, delivering the same rights and privileges that these diplomas bestow. Only four percent of private higher education institutions in Morocco have achieved this prestigious status.

Application Deadlines

  • 30th June

    Fall semester

  • 30th November

    Spring Semester

    (Intake only for exchange students)

  • 31st March

    Summer Session

    (Intake only for exchange students)